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If you are in the US, what per-gallon fuel prices


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5 minutes ago, Arcadia said:

$3.40 to $3.60 this morning at Shell, Chevron, Mobil in Silicon Valley area


Was bored and took this photo a week ago 


Well, this does lend a bit of veracity to the dumb meme I saw, though it was clearly working with a logical fallacy and was an exageration of the case. 

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4 minutes ago, Selkie said:

Now I’m curious, what was the meme?

Oh, it was a split photo, showing a very high fuel price on one sign and a very low fuel price on the other. The explanation was that outrageous price was “Democrat-run state”, while the low price one was “Republican-run state.” I’m never good with naming fallacies but it was the “Dems = high gas price; GOP = low” thing. Oh, false equivalency maybe. Is that it? 

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I paid $1.91 before loyalty discounts today, sort of midwest/southeast. I did see anywhere from $1.89-$2.04.

The prices in our town will randomly jump $0.20-$0.30 then slowly drop a couple cents a day. There isn’t a lot of competition. It seems most gas stations in the region stay a bit more stable. 

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Northwest Missouri, just paid $1.84. It was $1.95 last week. 

I always go inside to prepay and the cashier reminded me if I didn't use all the amount, to come in and get a new receipt. My tank was almost on empty, so I knew it wouldn't overfill it, but that's the first time I've ever had a cashier mention about not using the entire amount I paid for. I wonder if people are not anticipating how much it takes to fill up on the lower price?

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