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DS6, who recently tested positive (low positive) for celiac antibodies, and has anemia, low D, low ferritin, and anxiety/OCD, irritability, etc was also tested for lyme. He tested IGG and IGM positive for just one band, 41. (this was the immunoblot test). I understand that this band can cross react with other spirochetes, but what I'm finding suggests syphillis (um, no) periodontal disease (just saw the dentist and is fine), etc. The neurologist just called and said it was negative, but the lab report (which I requested) suggests that if there is a single IGM band positive than it is wise to recheck later, and other research says that band can be the first to show positive and later more may show up. 

Anyone have other info? He's having an endoscopy for the celiac confirmation on january 28th, and I'm thinking of asking them to draw blood while he's out for that to recheck. Good idea? Other thoughts? 

C-reactive protein and sedimentation rate are normal, if that makes any difference. 

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Are there other spirochetes he could have been infected by?  Leptospirosis?  I don’t know what the false positive rate on the test is, but I’d be concerned that there is some bacteria, likely a spirochete. Possibly a Borrelia even though the other bands are negative.  A retest perhaps with a different lab in a few weeks might be helpful  .  

Some syphilis tests (RPR) will give a positive result if there is an autoimmune illness.  I am not aware of that being the case for Lyme disease tests, but could be worth asking about also.  


I don’t consider myself an “expert “ but I have had to deal with some Lyme and related issues personally.  

I also know someone who is , apparently, in difficulties with CPS because trying to figure out what was wrong with a Child where test results were confusing and borderline somehow led to CPS involvement. Apparently.   So if your medical providers are opposed to further testing, be careful.  


the person I knew with the problem is in USA, and apparently she met others

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So it seems EBV can cross react with that band, and and active case can  cause elevated TTG antibodies. But his white count is normal, so probably doesn't have an active infection. However, there is also research showing that EBV infection, even without symptoms, can later trigger autoimmune diseases including celiac. Looking at it that way, it would make sense that he at some point contracted eBV, leading later to celiac, and that EBV antibody was picked up on the lyme disease test. 

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