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Amazon Customer Service Rocks

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Two incidents this week:

My mom: Stepdad ordered Mom Christmas presents from Amazon but didn't change the address on the account so the packages were sent to the wrong address. Those people must have kept them because nothing was returned to Amazon. The first time my mom called, Amazon told her the fault was hers and not Amazon's so there was nothing they could do. So my stepsister called them and I don't know what she said but Amazon agreed to refund the over $200 amount spent. Mom was elated that they didn't have to pay that out of pocket and get nothing in return for it.

Me: I ordered a comforter set and it was supposed to be here last Sunday. The last statement on my tracking history says carrier delay. I gave it until Wednesday and went to the post office and asked them to help find my package. The lady finally came back to me and said her information says the package was on the truck for delivery. Well, it still wasn't delivered by last night. So I contacted Amazon using their Live Chat and the guy refunded my money with no problem. That was $42. Now, that package may eventually show up and I will contact Amazon and ask what I should do with it. I don't want to keep something I didn't pay for, but neither did I want to pay for something I might not have received.

So now today, during my lunch break, I have to go to Target and see if they have a neutral color comforter. My guess is they won't. I needed it today too. I don't want to settle for something that won't match the furniture and curtains in the room. I may have to wait until after Christmas to go shopping. The stores today and tomorrow are going to be wild!!

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