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Loose keyhole, stopgap remedy?


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We are probably going to change the lock but in the meantime, is there a simple remedy for this gap shown in photo? It’s a Schlage and we don’t have instructions for this lock, didn’t see a model number anywhere either. Photo is taken with camera looking down at the gap. My condo was built in 2005. 


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30 minutes ago, KathyBC said:

What does it look like on the inside? Ours have screws so the whole assembly can come apart.


28 minutes ago, smstjohn said:

From what I saw online, there might be a cover on the inside portion of the lock that you can pry off to get to the screws to tighten them.


There are screws but we didn’t dare to dissemble before buying a new key lock in case we could not put back the current one after dissembling. We didn’t see any screws to tighten that portion though when we unscrew the two main screws at the side of the door. 

I could just “push it in” after locking the door so it looks like there is no gap. We looked at Lowe’s and Home Depot and their choices are limited. We are going to some family owned hardware stores over the weekend to look.


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