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The tv show Timeless -- series finale tonight!!!


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Hi all!  I know there were some of us on here that really enjoyed Timeless on NBC!!!  My family was very disappointed that it wasn't renewed for another season, BUT the series finale is on tonight from 8 to 10 EST.  We will be watching :-)!!


Edited to correct my poor writing while trying to multi-task -- LOL

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44 minutes ago, happysmileylady said:

O.  M.  G!


I was SO SO SO mad this show was cancelled.  Thank you so much for this post, I called my mom immediately lol.  We watch it "together" (via text lol.)  




That is awesome you watch with your mom via text!!!

All 4 of us are putting away our electronics for those 2 hours.  No phones or iPads :-)  !!!

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10 hours ago, happysmileylady said:

That Was So Good.  Perfect Finale if they had to have one....perfect way to leave it open if possible.  

My family totally agrees!!!  We started watching Manifest to replace it, but it isn't as good as Timeless!!!

Maybe they can do an update movie next year :-) !!!

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