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Tune in to see how a perfectly loving cat owner can consistently fail to notice her cat has worms, even though she has seen them and still did not draw the conclusion that her cat has worms. (Where’s the head-banging emoji...) My cat has long fur. I have noticed several times (yup; I’m that distracted) Luna had little particles in her fur near her tail, but she goes outside and there is nothing new about her coming in with leaves, burrs, seed heads, grass, etc., stuck to her fur. In one instance, I saw a little dried partical and thought, “that looks like when my puppies had worms,” but I concluded it was too shapeless and dried out to have been a worm. (Where is that head-banging emoji...) I even thought, “Dang, Luna, lay off the kitty treats, because you are getting fat, girlie.” 

Finally, today, I saw the particles and some rusty gear in my brain finally clicked into place and I went, “Ooooohhhh. Luna has worms!” If anyone can recommend a readily-available OTC dewormer, that would be super helpful. 

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If you're seeing little rice like particles, then it's tapeworms. Make sure the product you buy is designed for them, most otc treat roundworms. It's also very important to retreat with the life cycle of the worm, it used to be treat once, then again in 3 weeks, then again in 3 months. 

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