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FAFSA changed by college???

Julie of KY

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I didn't know that a school could get into my son's FAFSA and make changes - WOW!!!

Yesterday I received an email from one of my son's potential school saying that they had not received his FAFSA. Of course this sent me into a panic and I went back to his student aid report and checked to make sure that he sent it to all his potential schools. I called the school and told them that the FAFSA had already been sent. They ended up putting me on hold and they they told me that they had gone into my FAFSA and made a change which will trigger it being sent to them again.  They simply changed DRIVE to DR.

I called my son's probable first choice school yesterday to verify that they had gotten the FAFSA and they said they got it in October. This school is very upfront about saying you need to file your FAFSA early as the need based aid is first come first serve. I sure hope this doesn't mess up anything with them now that they got an updated version today.

--- by the way, I did get an email from FAFSA saying that my updated FAFSA was processed successfully. When I log in, it says it was "corrected" by a college, but appears to be sent to all the schools again. I haven't looked over everything carefully yet, but I would hope they wouldn't/couldn't change anything else.

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