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I love awesome people (great universal studios story)

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My oldest turned ten today and we've spent the last 3 days at Universal Studios Orlando. It has been fantastic but today one stranger made ds's day ten times better. Disclaimer: the man didn't know it was ds's bday because he left his pin at the hotel.

Ds, my 2 youngest and I we're waiting for the rest of the family to finish their ride on the Simpsons ride. We decided to not wait int child swap because the 1 year old wanted to run around outside. So, we sat outside the ride next to the whack a mole game.

Ds wanted to spend his own money to play the game and found out it would be $12 because he'd have to pay for himself and someone else since we you need to people to play. After realizing it'd basically be paying $12 for a short game and a small stuffed animal he decided it was a waste of money. Especially since he just wanted to play the game and didn't really want a stuffed animal. I told him we could find an arcade with it when we got home and he was fine with that.

Then the man sitting next to us, who was waiting for his 2 young adult children to get off the Simpsons ride asked D's if he wanted to play the game with him because he was looking for a partner. Ds was over the moon and started to pull $6 out of his pocket when thean paid for him. He then offered to pay for my 3 year old dd as well. 

It was such a wonderful thing for a stranger to do. It made ds's day and reallt warmed my heart to see such generosity at such an expensive resort.

Just wanted to share a happy story.

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Aw. That is nice! People are good.

Last year when we were there, through a mix up, the bag with all our extra stuff, including the wands we'd just gotten at Harry Potter, got lost. I was like, that's gone for good. But someone found it and turned it in. I was shocked. And relieved. And the staff was super nice about it.

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