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Need diagramming help!

Kimberly in IN

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Sentence  -  John was running. What is running?

Back story, I am a part-time Resource Room teacher at a small parochial school. I was helping a fifth grader today with his ELA. The assignment was diagramming sentences. The teacher told the students what to look for in each sentence - gerund, direct object, prepositional phrase. This sentence was on the assignment sheet.

The sentence "John was running." was marked as having a predicate nominative/predicate adjective. I was surprised and asked the teacher. She said running is a gerund and is acting as the predicate nominative. Silly me, I thought "was running" was  past progressive, was running was the simple predicate. 

Can someone please explain it to me? I feel so silly but I don't see "running" in that sentence as a predicate nominative.

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7 minutes ago, MFG said:

The teacher is wrong. You are correct. 

This.  Running is what John was doing, not who he was.  I am not grammar pro, but I think for running to be a predicate nominative, the sentence would need to be something like:  John's favorite pastime was running.   Running renames pastime.

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