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Who knows where Mrs. Stublen (AP Calculus) currently teaches?

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I believe she said she was teaching at a local parochial school, if I recall. Not online at all.

My ds is taking AP Calc with Derek Owens (after leaving Wilson Hill b/c no Mrs. Stublen) - and he says he is learning far more than ever with Wilson Hill. YMMV

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1 hour ago, Brynmawr said:

Is Derek Owens live and interactive?

DO is great for those kids who can effectively handle his format. My eldest does not do well with it (based on taking DO physics) so we go with high interactive content with teacher & students.

I have seen many positive reviews of DO's math from people who wish they had tried it earlier, but as with anything, know thy student.

OP, there are quite a few places that offer live AP Calc AB  (not so much BC!). Good luck in your search!

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