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Help me choose an audiobook?


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We're looking down the barrel of a loooong roadtrip (23 hours, one way, then 23 hours back a week later). I have a read-aloud I'll finish along the way, but I'm hoping to find a great audiobook or two as well.

We are six people - the two adults plus four girls aged 13, 11, 9 and 7.  The girls are a little on the sensitive side, and we prefer little or no rough language.

Some books we've loved as a group: Anne of Green Gables, the whole Narnia series, Caddie Woodlawn, C'mon Seabiscuit, Hattie Big Sky, Misty of Chincoteague, Homer Price, Henry Reed Inc, The Crunch, Ginger Pye, The Moffats, The Railway Children, The Incredible Journey, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, Redwall and a couple in that series, My Family and Other Animals, James Herriot's stories

Do those titles bring any others to your mind that we might love? The longer the better - this is a lot of car time!

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The Harry Potter audiobooks are very well done.  

We also enjoyed the Inheritance series (Eragon books -- dragons, elves, and other fantasy world stuff).

Percy Jackson is fun for all ages as well.

Howl's Moving Castle is wonderful on audiobook.  It's only about 6 hours long, but it includes a lot of back story and detail not included in the movie.


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Wilderking Trilogy by Jonathon Rodgers

Gone Away Lake by Enright

Centerburg Tales (the sequel to Homer Price)

Freddy the Detective books (by Walter R. Brooks)

Little House on the Prairie series

Swallowdale by Ransome

The Birchbark House by Erdrich

Winnie the Pooh ...Narrated by Peter Dennis

The Green Ember by S.D. Smith

Peter Nimble by Auxier (this would be the most intense of this set of books)


Have you considered podcasts too?   Brains on! and Smash, Boom, Best! are two of our favorites.  Also Circle Round and Forever Ago.   Even the adult podcast "How I Built This" catches my kids' interest more often than not.

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We liked a lot of the same audiobooks as you.  We also liked the Alex Rider series (totally different than what you mentioned, but fun spy-type scenarios), and the Harry Potter series (though someone mentioned there are different narrators, the ones we listened to were British and better than either reading the books or watching the movies IMO).

ETA: Your youngest might be old enough to enjoy Swiss Family Robinson or Robinson Crusoe, though I haven't looked for them on audiobook.

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