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Can we count this hands-on clay class as high school credit?

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My daughter took a hands-on clay class for one semester.  It was all hands-on and there was no discussion about the history, or looking at great works of sculpture or anything like that.

Can we count this for art as is?

If not I will see if I can find her another art or music class rather than adding to it. 😉

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Definitely - as long as she spent about 65 hours (or whatever your state suggests for the number of hours for a 1/2 credit) on the class, it is definitely credit-worthy and can be used as a Fine Arts elective.

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Don't see why not. Fine Arts credits encompass a wide variety of things:

- fine arts (drawing, painting, print making, etc)
- performance arts (music, dance, theater, etc.)
- studio arts (pottery, sculpture, fibers/weaving, woodworking, jewelry making, etc.)
- visual arts (filmmaking, photography, etc.)
- digital arts (animation, graphics, web design, etc.)
- appreciation (history and understanding of art, music, theater, film, etc)
- creation (composing of music, choreography of dance, making theatre costumes/sets, etc.)
- theory (design, color, composition, etc.)

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