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Hacked a low carb hot "cereal" from free hotel breakfast


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As most travelers have noted, free hotel breakfasts are a money saver but typically serve carb-heavy selections.  It can be tough to partake and stick to a low carb way of eating.  My usual plan is just have coffee with cream and/or to eat a couple packets of full-fat cream cheese that is served with the ever-present bagels.  During a recent business trip, the selections looked slightly more interesting so I was able to successfully hack a low carb hot "cereal" in the following way:

slivered almonds and shredded coconut (provided to top the sugar-laden yogurt)

chopped pecans and cinnamon (provided to top the oatmeal)

a little splenda and half-in-half (provided for the coffee)

Microwaved until hot.  I was surprised and pleased at how good it was!  Of course, I made only a modest amount so that I wasn't hogging the ingredients meant for other things. I didn't take more of any one thing than someone else may use as a topping.  Still, along with my coffee, and due to the protein/fat content of the ingredients, I easily made it to my business luncheon later in the day.

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2 hours ago, myblessings4 said:

I have thought about trying the recipes I see for low carb "cereal" or "granola", but was scared it would be nasty.  I will now that you tried that on the fly and like it!  Thanks!

I'll be honest and say that I tried the first bite cold and it was ok but seemed not quite right. Once heated, I really enjoyed it!

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4 hours ago, HomeAgain said:

My go-to at hotel breakfasts is finding the one or two plain yogurts that are usually hiding in the back of the bin, a piece of fruit, and if they have them, an egg or omelette. I'm way too picky on my hot cereal to like what passes for oatmeal elsewhere. 😄

I have never actually seen plain yogurt at one of these hotel breakfasts.  Great that you have managed to find it.  This particular one had a large bowl of one flavor that folks could serve out of, not individual packages. When I used to eat grains, I really enjoyed steel cut oats and couldn't stand the rolled oats (cookies being an exception!). So, I understand about being picky with hot cereal!

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Yes, I'm gluten free and low carb, and it's a tough go. This summer I went to my son's Army graduation, and all I could eat at the first hotel I stayed in was coffee and boiled eggs. They didn't even have any fruit out other than what looked like canned fruit cocktail. Then I stayed on base, and they actually had PLAIN oatmeal, PLAIN yogurt, whole fruit (bananas, apples, grapes, oranges), and eggs. Much better breakfast. 

If I travel again anytime soon (frankly unlikely), I'm going to take oatmeal packets and nuts with me. 

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