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I still don’t have any feedback to offer, but I ended up enrolling my DD in AP English Language with Lili Serbicki for the ‘19-‘20 school year. It was a perfect fit and I’m so glad I didn’t do another year of a pre-AP/honors class. She was definitely prepared. If you’re unsure whether your student is ready for AP English, Mrs. Serbicki offers a summer class through Aim Academy entitled Intro to AP Essay Writing. It seems like a good way to test the waters without making a year-long commitment.

Here’s a link:


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Thanks!  I know Jody Best’s class filled last year, so I’m surprised no one around here seems to have feedback!  

I’m certain mine isn’t ready for AP yet.  She did all of WWE and has done WWS1&2, but she’s balking at WWS3 and wants a change.  Thanks  for the Debra Bell recommendation.  That might work for next summer — this one is looking pretty full already.

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