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Singapore or Dimension math??

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I am ready to order our first math curriculum and noticed that on the Singapore math website there is a new version called “dimension math”. 

Has anyone used this one? Which one is recommended?

Also, are the text books and teacher guides necessary?

Thank you in advance!

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Dimension Math is very new, so you won't get a lot of answers. If I was beginning again, I think I would consider it, though. It addresses some of the "cons" of Singapore Math (better teaching resources and a complete 6th grade level).

Unlike Math in Focus though, I think the levels are pretty much interchangeable between the regular Singapore books and the Dimensions, so if you don't like it, I think you'd be okay to switch.

Probably for the youngest level, you won't need the TE, but I do think a lot of the teaching is in the TE for Dimensions because it is set up for a classroom. There are resources here if you haven't seen them:

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