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My Thanksgiving In-Law story


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Oh, maize.

7 hours ago, maize said:

Sharing because I think sometimes the difficult in-laws get more than their share of radio time 😄

Thanksgiving wasn't easy this year. My dh's depression has been in a flare up all month and he crashed completely the day before Thanksgiving. Not a holiday triggered thing, just the way the timing worked out this year. Thanksgiving morning it became clear to me that I wasn't going to be able to get him out of bed let alone to his family's Thanksgiving gathering (unfortunate as he always perks up around them). I didn't feel it was safe to leave him alone but I also didn't want my kids to miss Thanksgiving dinner with the family. I contacted my sister in law who was hosting and also dh's dad and told them what the situation was. My father in law drove the hour to our house so he could sit with dh and the kids and I could go to the dinner. SiL told me just come, don't worry about the dishes we were supposed to bring (that weren't ready). 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, lots of family, kids enjoyed time with their cousins. Pie was supposed to be at 7:00 but I wanted to get back to bring food to FiL and dh and see how he was doing so they served pie early to just my family and sent us home with extras.

I'm always so sad when I read about hard to get along with in-laws, I wish I could share mine with everyone. 


7 hours ago, maize said:

Oh, when I got back home FiL told me what a nice day he had had sitting quietly and reading. You would think I had offered him a nice vacation instead of taking him away from Thanksgiving with the family.



Thank you for sharing this.  Holding your husband in the light.  You are a wonder walking the earth.

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Maize, I'm so glad that you were able to get the kids to Thanksgiving dinner after all. Your family is so sweet! I'm sure your FIL treasured the chance to be a help to his son and family. I'm glad you reached out to them and didn't just stay home.

I know your situation is hard, but you seem to handle it with grace. Happy belated Thanksgiving!!

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