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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I've been up all night again until 4am, this time because of online birthday and Christmas shopping.  I did pretty good, but I should have been sleeping or working!


  • Christmas shopping online in the wee hours.
  • Sleep a couple hours.
  • Some house cleaning for the kids coming to visit, though the kids say they did most of it last night.
  • Kids to chiropractor.
  • Pick up kids' friend.
  • Home and welcome two more friends.  I might end up having to let parents in the house, so I hope it isn't too gross.
  • Work while the kids play.
  • Friends get picked up.
  • Kid's eye appointment.
  • Kid to gymnastics.
  • Work or walk or be lazy at gymnastics.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work or sleep.
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Good morning!

Busy day here. I'm thankful to be feeling better after a couple days of having a little cold and a big migraine. My boys have class until mid-afternoon and then they are heading home - hooray! Nothing makes me happier than having all my babies under one roof.❤️

  • school w/dd
  • workers are here again today - working on repairs around our dormer windows
  • electrician is coming over this morning to fix two outlets in the garage - need to straighten things up out there a little bit first
  • hay delivery?
  • finish laundry - bedding and dog bed covers
  • make boys' beds
  • vacuum main floor, steps, and upstairs hallway (dogs got new toys yesterday and there are fuzzy guts everywhere)
  • clean bathrooms
  • start cooking: make appetizers, rice pilaf, mashed potatoes, gravy
  • make pumpkin tart if my tart pan shows up (had to order one from Amazon)
  • dinner: vegan sausage ragu
  • dd violin lesson
  • watch some hockey tonight, relax with the family, watch some spooky movies with ds18 (he has a whole list of them he wants me to watch😱)
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Good morning! Today should be a fun day- cooking, hanging out with ds1 and ds3 and ds2 is coming home this afternoon!

  • coffee/paper
  • start cooking- pies, components for stuffing, more pies
  • dd2 hang out and chat
  • ds3- a little school and baking
  • Inbetween things- library and drop things off at dmil's
  • dh picks up ds2 at airport
  • Finish up my list
  • Everyone home for dinner- chicken tikka masala

Have a great day!

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Forgot to add:  take out the garbage.  And clean the car.  And make a grocery stop.  Done, done, and done.

My alarms went off on time this morning, but I must have been dreaming that they were something else, because all I remember is yelling at them and smacking them until they shut up.

Luckily, my kid came and got me 16 minutes before time to leave for the chiropractor.

I got the other kid up, got myself ready, did some cleaning, made coffee, took out the garbage, and got the mail all in 20 minutes.  We were "only" 5 minutes late for the chiropractor.

Cleaned the car (kid-reasonable) on the way to pick up the kids' friend.

Dropped all 3 girls off at the grocery store to buy snacks.  I told them to grab one of those variety bags of chips.  They came out with $44 worth of chips, candy, drinks, and a pumpkin roll.

Back home, I am "working" and they are playing.  I have a lot of reports due today, so here's hoping.  2 more kids will arrive when convenient for their guardians.


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One more kid woke up sick this morning.  I am feeling it coming on again.  

One or two kids will do some school

The sick ones are in bed with audio books.  I would love to skip Thanksgiving because they are sick.   But I doubt we will, even though we should.  It does give us an excuse to leave early.  Yay.  I am so not looking forward to Thanksgiving or Christmas because of extended family drama.   I don't want to go.  

I planned a productive day, but that isn't going to happen.  OH well.  


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Cooking extravaganza: pecan pies, pumpkin cake, key lime pie, components for stuffing, rolls

ds3 has a light rye bread rising for sandwiches

dishwasher is nearly full for the second time

I just need to take things over to dmil's...

And ds1 just brought in all his laundry...like all the washable things he owns 😂🤣

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