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Christmas lights question and My dachshund funny

Night Elf

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Last Christmas a big part of one of my light strands on my tree went out. The top part of my tree was dark but we decided not to fix it because it seemed like a hassle. So today I decided to test the lights to see which strand needed to be replaced. I plugged it in and saw where it was out, accidentally dropped it, and it all lit back up! So do I put it on the tree or replace it?

So while I had the lights plugged in, my dachshund got freaked out. He ran away from it. I don't know what it was that frightened him but he didn't come back into the living room until I turned the lights off. We've had him 9 years and he's never had a problem with our tree. Hopefully it's just the unattached lights that spooked him and being on the tree won't be a problem. We're putting the tree up Thanksgiving. That's the earliest we've ever done it but I want festive this year! I'm looking forward to having my living room decorated like it's never been before.


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sounds like something could be lose.  you can go through one bulb at a time and make sure they're all pushed in.  if one is lose, i might be wiling to risk using it.  otherwise, individual strands aren't really that much.

otoh::  lights can get brighter just before they're dead for good.

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