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Please help! Need a supplemental algebra 1 text for my 8th grader in PS

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My son is in the accelerated math class in 8th grade public school. It is algebra 1 and analytic geometry. They are currently working on quadratics. They do not have actual textbooks in hand but there is one offered online but they don’t use it. Everything is done orally and with the use of online games and videos. I tried to ask the teacher if she could recommend a text for my son to use at home but she took this as a personal affront to her teaching style? and sent me a long email about how she explains everything so well and gives adequate resources that he doesn’t need a text. 

My son was homeschooled through 6th grade and learned great from the texts. I guess it’s just what he is use to. I don’t think Saxon algebra 1 would go into enough depth. Do any of you have other recommendations?

thank you!

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Maybe AOPS?  He could go through it slowly and use it to go a bit deeper.

I really like Life of Fred for younger kids, but one of the problems we ran into with the older texts is that the Your Turn To Play and answers are often on the same page.  If anyone has a more recent Fractions or above text I'd be curious to know if this is still the same. Otherwise, if you go the LOF route I'd get a pack of large sticky notes to go with it.

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