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Officially finished REWARDS (for the 2nd time!)

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Oldest DD went through REWARDS Intermediate (Sophis West) several years ago. We got to lesson 17 or 18 and her reading really took off so we let it drop. (She was in 4th grade.)

Youngest DD has had a more difficult time with reading than her sister. At almost halfway through 5th grade, anything more than Frog & Toad was a slog. Two months of REWARDS -- and we did all 25 lessons! -- and she's made such progress. I puffy-heart love this program!

Next up, Megawords! She does need further review on breaking words into chunks (she tends to mentally scatter and shut down when she sees a long word)....but she definitely has improved in confidence and skill these past 6-7 weeks. 

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11 hours ago, Gretchen in NO. CA said:

Great job! Do you have the teacher's guide for intermediate for sale? I have the older kids one and it is too hard for my daughter so I wanted to get intermediate.




I do but it's the older edition. (I also have the workbook to go with it).  I still was able to use it (once I understood the intent of each section, it was easy to wing it.) 🙂 

You can PM/msg me if you're interested in the guide I have. 

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20 minutes ago, Jess4879 said:

I'd love to know a break down of how you use Megawords!  I don't know why I am having issues wrapping my mind around how to use it, but I just always seem to be at a loss. 

Well, we only did a little bit before Christmas break (and we're just starting back today).  I *think* we were trying to get through 1 page a day, but in general, I wing most things and take a just-do-the-next-page approach.

I will say, Megawords is a bit boring/drudgery, but I can see the value in the activities. (Don't know that DD agrees with me!)

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