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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  Co-op/tutorial day here.

-scrub remaining grout (hope to be finished by co-op time)
-DS17 off to school
-drop off at dry cleaner
-DS14 school

-stop at Publix for a few things - nope.  if I don't need it for tonight, I'm not going today.
-have DS14 finish any work he didn't finish in the AM
-moving company comes at 3 for an estimate
-tutor at 5 if he isn't still sick
-dinner (spaghetti and meatsauce at DS17's request)
-finish picking up the house (kitchen, family room, master bed/bath, guest room)

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Good morning!

Hurray, a day without any errands or appointments - I love days when I don't have to go anywhere. My boys are coming home after their afternoon classes and staying for dinner, so I'm excited to see them.

  • school w/dd
  • have dh drop mail off at post office
  • office work (trying to get a lot of work wrapped up this week so I can stay out of the office over Thanksgiving)
  • dust & vacuum main floor & steps
  • clean upstairs bathrooms
  • clean fridge
  • water plants
  • tinker around with my hay steamer, see if I can get it working right
  • dd has Model UN and a violin lesson
  • remember to have ds18 sign some bank stuff while he's home 
  • dinner: enchiladas verdes
  • watch end of Youtube series w/ ds18, then watch hockey
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Good morning! I feel better after 12+ hrs of sleep. Busy day here. It's Dh's birthday and he got up early to leave for Bible study, so we didn't get to do birthday breakfast. 

To do:

  • School
  • Pick up milk and bagels
  • Deskwork? NEED to do this, but may not have time.   Nope. Tomorrow!
  • Piano.  
  • Church   



  • Moved laundry
  • texted mom
  • mailed a card
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Howdy, happy Wednesday!

Still stressed out, though I got a bunch of work out yesterday.  Need to send out a bunch of reports & emails and I have at least 2 conference calls today (ugh).  Also tomorrow is a "deadline day."

Oh and I am really ready to be done with hot flashes!

Positive:  my sleep-deprived kid was in bed about 9:45 last night and slept past 7am.  This is rare and also great because today is a long day for her.

  • Got up late, got kids up & fed.
  • Reminded kids to pack their instruments & practice clothes for 3 sports.
  • Kids off to the school bus a wee bit early, but the bus came earlier.  ?
  • Took out the garbage.
  • Cleaned part of the garage & my car.
  • Washed out kitchen garbage can since something leaked in there.
  • Coffee.
  • Cleaned the kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter.
  • A little reading.
  • Caught up on news, emails, kids' grade reports, junk mail, social media.
  • Made this post.

To do:

  • More coffee.
  • Lots of work.
  • Some more clutter cleaning.
  • Exercise?  More reading?
  • Call TKD place and see if it makes sense to sign kids up for Saturday cram camp.
  • Find money for the kids' dinner or go to the bank.  Put money in the car.
  • Calendar.
  • Sign up for volunteering at school (not exactly free-will).
  • Get kid 2 ready & off to horse riding.
  • Help kids get through all homework asap after they get home at 9ish.
  • Wash & dry 1 load of laundry.  Get gym bag(s) ready for Thursday.
  • Remember to set alarms to get up early Thursday to drive kids to writing club.
  • Whatever I'm forgetting.
  • Whatever else gets done.
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Good morning! I have to take dh to the airport this morning- as soon as dd2 comes back with the car. Ds3 has been biking-not super fun, but he has been a good sport. Rough to bike to 6 am tennis.

  • airport run-done 
  • school with ds3- he just got home and reminded me about going out for a lab
  • phone calls
  • write
  • more school with dd2
  • get everyone where they need to be
  • chores
  • dinner- some kind of pasta

Have a great day!

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Wednesday promises to tackle me:

-Laundry (done)

-Get older son up and to carpool meet up spot (done)

-Younger son to counseling and then babysitter 

-Stop at grocery store for foil pans for meal train

-client at 11

-client at 1

-Most challenging client at 3

-Professional seminar at 6:30

-Make a double batch of bacon Mac and Cheese and roasted garlic broccoli, for dinner tomorrow night and to deliver to a family who just had a baby.  

-Reschedule with my professional mentor

-Get two returns filed for clients.  




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I made my kids a chiropractor appointment - the earliest I could get was next Wednesday.  Hope I don't forget.

I checked on the TKD camp and yes, it is good for my kids so that is what they are doing Saturday afternoon.  Since it is hard for us to be consistent with TKD classes with all the school sports schedules, this should take some pressure off.

I did my yoga and old lady exercises and tried some new exercises.  So far so good.  It's only 8 days until my 5K and I prefer not to walk the whole way.

Also snuck a nap.

Now back for my 3rd cup of coffee and a shower before my conference calls do me in.

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Whew, it's about 5pm and some of my clients are done with their day.  So they probably won't bother me.

The 2nd conference call just ended and I am still alive (barely).

Got the kid off to horse riding in the middle of my 2nd conference call.  Now they should be out & about for 4 more hours.  The temptation to nap again is strong!

I would like to get at least one more report out before my other clients' day ends in an hour.

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