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A little rant about menstrual cups...


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For some reason, I found myself on pinterest. Now, I hate pinterest. It is just pretty pictures that often don't lead anywhere, or you have to click 5 times to get anywhere.

Anyway, I saw a million and one 'pictures' about how to clean a menstrual cup. Every one about how to 'deep clean' the cup, as if your period is somehow going to kill you if it gets on the thing you are using to hold it. Or maybe just because stains on the cup would make it unusable? 

Basically, nowadays you are supposed to wipe it with a "cupwipe" every time you empty it, and wash with special pH balanced "cupwash". GIVE ME A BREAK! I'm only 37 but sometimes I feel ancient (notice use of the word nowadays). I've been using a cup since before wipes and washes were even a thing that existed. It's just one more way to make something that was easy into a difficult process so people can sell something and also write 10 paragraphs with 10 fancy photos interspersed. I hate that people have to be so precious about stuff; it makes using a cup seem hard, expensive and even dangerous! It's actually really simple and cheap.

Women don't need to be worried about killing their vaginas because they don't use the special, expensive, pH balanced cup wash on their menstrual cups. Part of the appeal is NO TRASH, not anymore when you have to use cupwipes all the time!




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Ha ha.  I had one for 20 years and just washed it with water under a tap, occasionally I'd use soap too.  

Then a few years ago the dog somehow got it and chewed it up some, so I threw it away

It's people trying to sell you stuff. Cause selling you crap you don't need is what makes the economy go - then we can all live in the trash and pollution we've created.

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My cup is about five years old, I don't think I've ever done a deep clean (I rinse it and rub some soap around on it after my cycle), and it's almost completely red from staining.  I'd say it'll see me through menopause (which is barely sorta just beginning).  Cupwipes, LOL.   

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I want to separately agree about the whole Pinterest thing. I'm not interested in looking through someone else's scrapbook, so if I can't get to the "how-to" in less than 4 clicks, I don't want to use the app at all. Which I rarely do any more.

Back in the beginning they said those interwebs would be a time saver!

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