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GWTM Lesson 58

Taryn Schnugh

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We are working through the exercises in Lesson 58 of Grammar for the Well Trained Mind. Demonstrative Pronouns and Adjectives. To date, we have used Shurley Grammar and I feel like I cannot understand grammar without some question and answer flow. I am sorry if my questions here are stupid, my grammar studies are basically non-existent.

Exercise A:

Sentence 2: Medgar Evers was effective, and that made him a target of hate. "that" is the demonstrative pronoun and the answer key has labelled it "S" as subject. Am I right int saying "effective"
 is a predicate adjective because it describes Medgar Evers and that is why it's labelled as subject?!?!?

Sentence 9: She was apparently calm, but those of us who knew her were aware of the great perturbation beneath her serene exterior. So the answer key labels "those" as DP S. I have no idea why. Could you explain?

If the demonstrative acts as an adjective, DO, IO or OP it seems obvious, but I don't really understand how to figure out if it's acting as the subject or referring to the subject.

Exercise C :

Diagramming, sentence 1:

There must be no hesitation and no compromise with our purpose. I have no idea how to classify this so that we can diagram it. This is what I can get:

There must be no what with out purpose? Compromise and purpose, compound subject nouns

What is being said about compromise and hesitation? must (hv) be verb

with: preposition, with what? purpose: object of the preposition, whose purpose? our: possessive pronoun adjective

what kind of compromise? no - adjective 

what kind of hesitation? no - adjective

no clue about there. I think "hesitation and compromise" are the subject nouns and from the diagram I assume "there" is an adverb, but not sure that that makes sense in my mind. Would the question be "must be to what extent? There" That makes no sense...

Sentence 3: All of this is on account of us.

I go through a question and answer flow.

What is on account of us? All - subject noun

What is being said about All? All is - verb

of preposition, of what this, object of the preposition (and follow the same Q&A flow for the other two prepositional phrases). I can classify but I have no idea why "on account of us" is diagrammed the way SWB did in the answer key. I don't know what job the last two prepositional phrases are doing.

If you have questions and answers I could add to help us figure out who is who in the zoo and what job each part of speech is doing, I would be most appreciative!

Thanks in advance!



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