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One of the schools DD talked to recently suggested setting up a Cappex profile, and I’m a little confused by their likelihood of acceptance-specically, the one school that she’s not at the “high” end of likelihood with her current GPA/ACT is one that, as far as I can tell, she qualified for AUTOMATIC admission for (and their top automatic merit aid) as an in-state resident with her scores, and she is easily in the top 25% of. It’s a safety school for her, as far as we can tell, that has some good niche programs that make them interesting. Meanwhile, she’s rated as a high chance of acceptance at schools that turn down more kids than they accept, and where her stats put her in the top half (she’s generally looking for schools where she qualifies for their honors college and will be competitive for scholarships), but it’s not necessarily a slam dunk.  

It really makes me wonder how accurate this is-and how much is them telling kids they have a high chance of acceptance to schools that pay more money to the service, so more will apply. 

Does anyone have any experience with this site? 

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It's really hard to chance automatically - I like this chart (from college kickstart) about how to think about admissions likelihood.

On the vertical axis, plot how selective each school on your list is.

On the horizontal axis, estimate where your child's stats fit in the applicant pool for a school.


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