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Any HVAC experts?


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I'm getting a new furnace/AC system installed. I currently have a 21 year old unit that doesn't cool our 2nd story well during the summer months.  Can you go from a 3 ton to a 3 1/2 ton without redoing duct work?  The specialist is trying to tell me that it will require that.

Upsizing the unit is not always a best solution and the ductwork is normally the primary culprit. The ductwork in your home is sized for a three ton system.This is the reasoning for the variable speed air handler (to try and increase air flow on the second floor). As well as setting the new thermostat in circulation mode where we cycle the air every 15 minutes regardless if the system is heating or cooling. Note: This will give us a closer temperature difference. I believe this is the best option without running new return duct from the upstairs as discussed.

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I'd have to actually look at your system to tell you of he (or she) is right, but the specialist is right that sometimes just upsizing isn't going to fix your 2nd floor cooling issue. (I'm not a HVAc expert by any means, but I'm a mechanical engineer with a bit of practical experience.)

How many bids have you gotten? It looks like this guy is looking at a couple different ways to address your issue. I'd be more suspicious of a guy who just wanted to upsize your unit and then came back in later to sell you more stuff when that doesn't work.

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