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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  Lots to do today.  The relocation company is sending two packing/moving companies out for estimates and two realtors to do a listing proposal in the coming week.  I need to have house about 90 percent of the way there once the realtors come later in the week.

-Home Depot for garage floor paint and new front door hardware (remember to take key this time)
-pick up DH's dry cleaning
-argue with DH about whether we need to re-carpet the secondary bedrooms or whether a carpet cleaner is going to be able to get the carpets clean enough (spoiler alert:  they will not)
-clean out master closet and library closet (library closet is mostly paperwork that needs to be shredded and old computers we don't know how to get all the financial info off)
-trips to storage unit (more Lego, all dining room and kitchen table leaves, all table pads, some stuff from garage)
-start deep cleaning (scrub baseboards, clean all lights and ceiling fans)
-DS17 baseball game at noon (I think I have to miss but DH is going)
-final trip to Goodwill (I could not believe the amount of clothes DS14 had in his dresser that haven't fit him in years)
-work on turkey project for the third grade teacher I am helping out (basically finding a feather template and cutting out 100 feathers for the kids to write on)
-set up dog grooming appointment (he stinks)
-can kennel for reservation over Thanksgiving week/find HomeAway for the week that will take the dog
-plan school for the week
-watch Clemson football tonight.  I am a nervous wreck about this game.

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Good morning!

It is a frosty 12* this morning. Winter surely did arrive in a hurry this year. 

  • farrier is coming over at 10 to trim all six horses (make sure I have $$ for him)
  • tidy up house
  • ds20 and friends are coming over this afternoon to work on his car 
  • laundry
  • finish up Thanksgiving plans
  • dinner: veggie burgers and oven fries
  • watch a scary movie tonight (Ds18 has been pestering me to watch it, which I'm probably going to regret when I'm up all night whimpering under the covers with the lights on)
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Good morning!

Our first frosty morning here.

Walk with Dd and our AHG troop in a Veterans Day parade.  

Work at church.  

Library?  Nope.


Finish shoeboxes.  

Take care of my house and prep for church. 


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46 minutes ago, Jean in Newcastle said:


proofread my message that I'm giving today.  Had dh read it (boy, was that nervewracking!)  Made a couple of tweaks with his help. 

Jean, I misread this as "proofread my massage that I'm giving today" and was momentarily confused. ?

Just got done with the farrier and I'm thawing my fingers and toes out before I tackle my messy house.

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Happy Saturday!

  • Kid 2 up and off to horse riding.
  • Packed car with OCC donations.
  • Kid 1 up and we went together to OCC packing party.
  • Picked up race bib for Kid 1's Sunday race.
  • Picked up Kid 2.
  • To TKD - but they were closed due to a tournament elsewhere.
  • Spent at least an hour trying to get air in 1 tire.  Long lines & broken air pumps.  Thank goodness for audiobooks.
  • Took the kids to lunch.
  • Took the kids shopping for winter coats and boots.  (I didn't risk doing this during school shopping in case they grew a lot.)
  • Kids got an invite to play at a friend's house, so I dropped them there.
  • Theoretically working.
  • Social media, emails, news and all that jazz.

To do:

  • Pick up kids.
  • Set the kids to working - sketch books, music practice, homework.
  • Work.
  • Read-aloud?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work?
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