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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!

  • school w/dd
  • office work (bills & banking)
  • fill a drawer in the mudroom with warm winter socks to wear at chore time
  • make a big bowl of salad and a pitcher of hibiscus tea
  • make menu plan - look up some new recipes to try
  • also look up some new salad dressing recipes
  • take a dog to vet for checkup and shots at 2:30
  • vacuum main floor
  • reorganize my horse supply closet 
  • dd violin lesson
  • remember to bring in hose and also hay steamer hoses and boilers because there will be a hard freeze tonight 
  • descale boilers overnight
  • dinner: sweet potato black bean taquitos with jalapeño cilantro dipping sauce
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Good morning!

So glad the elections are over and hope that my social media accounts will get back to pictures of my friends' kids, cat videos, and funny memes. 

I slept in and have had coffee. On to the rest of the day.

  • school with ds
  • take ds to a friend for some writing tutoring
  • lunch with another friend during tutoring
  • go over lesson for Awana tonight
  • more bill paying/checking updates
  • church
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Today is tutorial/co-op day.  My least favorite day of the week.  Still left to do:

-take DS14 out to lunch

-declutter my schoolroom of doom (major props to whoever coined that term here on the board - was that you, Jean?)
-if there is time, start to declutter master bathroom (I could open up a store with all the free gift with purchase stuff in there)
-start packing up DS14's Lego to take to storage
-start making piles of DH's papers so he can go through them and figure out what can be tossed/what has to be shredded
-tutor student comes at 5 (no idea what we will be working on, I should probably read up in the novel he has to read for English)
-everyone will be on their own for dinner (already told DS17 to pick up something on his way home from baseball practice)

-my parents come tomorrow for a few days so Dad can help with some loose odds and ends projects - make sure everything is set for them (and buy his favorite beer)

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Good morning! It is tennis chauffeuring day and some odds and ends of making appointments, talking with dd2 about future plans (sigh, sigh, sigh) and helping her with math. Today is a late start, so she is home right now for a couple of hours.

  • coffee/paper
  • clean kitchen
  • pick up ds3
  • school with ds2
  • chat with dd2
  • write
  • chores
  • ds3 to hit with hs coach for a while
  • ds3 to tennis
  • pick up ds3
  • dinner?

Have a great day!


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Hi, happy Wednesday!

I was very distracted yesterday, so I hope I get a lot of work done today.

Just wondering if it's normal for a mom to feel more overwhelmed about the kids' stuff than the kids feel.  Today my eldest has school (including a world history test), trumpet lesson, band, basketball practice, cheerleading practice, and gymnastics.  She will get home around 9pm and then have homework and test study.  [This will be her Wednesday schedule for the next 4 months.]  She started the day studying at 5:30am, and left for school saying "I'm in a great mood today because it's sunny!"  Meanwhile I'm stressing over how the heck she is going to get any sleep tonight.

  • Up in the wee hours watching election returns.
  • Slept a few hours.
  • Up at 5:30am to wake kid to study.
  • Up again at 6:45 to wake the other kid.
  • Packed band and sport practice stuff, did hair.
  • Kids ready and off to the school bus on time, yay!  It's been a great week of mornings so far!
  • Took out the garbage, took care of the mail.
  • Cleaned kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter.
  • Cleaned critter cage.
  • Switched out laundry.
  • Coffee & a little reading.
  • Bought tickets online for an event my kid performs at.
  • Caught up on work emails, social media, news.
  • Sent a few work emails.
  • Made this post.

To do:

  • More coffee.
  • Lots of work.
  • AHG newsletter.
  • Order cheer outfit.
  • Finish laundry.
  • Exercise?
  • Calendar ....
  • Kids have activities - driver will take them - then kids' homework / test study.
  • Read-aloud?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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3 minutes ago, Jean in Newcastle said:


let the stupid dog out.  Let her in.  Let her out.  Let her in.  Right now I'm making her wait by the door even though she insists she needs to go out again. . .

Jean, this is my life, too. Mine ring the jingle bells, stick their nose out the door, remember that it's cold, and then turn around and walk back in like, "oh never mind". Repeat 100x/day.

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Very challenging morning.  But we got through it.  90% of school got done.  What didn't get done was Japanese, and I have some leeway on that one. 

Lunch done

Dealt with return email from one doc. 

Left messages for some other docs.

Dd is now at babysitting and reminded me not to forget the chiropractor.  For some reason I have a hard time remembering this particular weekly appointment slot.

I am at the library- books were turned in and as soon as I stop procrastinating I will work on my women's group talk. 

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