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Mac and cheese for 80-100? Anyone have a recipe?


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I made a boatload of mac and cheese for our co-op’s Christmas dinner last year. I don’t think I used a recipe per se, just did my usual baked mac and cheese in a large quantity.

I make the cheese sauce out of Velveeta (I know! But it really is king of melty cheese sauce), milk, flour, butter. Melt butter in saucepan add flour; make a roux by adding in some milk and whisking. (Gotta be careful not to burn the roux!) Add the rest of the milk, then put cubes of Velveeta in; stir until it is all melted. During this time, you would cook your noodles in a big soup pot (or two), drain them, then mix together with the cheese sauce. Pour into the foil pans (I spray them with non-stick spray). If you are one who tops, you can top with butter crackers mixed with melted buter. Bake around 25 minutes, covered at 350. If you like, take off the top foil for the last 5 minutes or so. 

I made two big foil pans for about the same amount of people. I don’t remember, but this was probably four boxes of noodles and at least half a loaf of Velveeta cheese. Probably 3 or 4 cups of milk and several tablespoons of flour and butter. 

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Oh yes!


I’ve scaled it (enter the number of servings you want and it does it for you) for 75, 25 and 12 1/2.  My hacks: use Better than Bouillon Chicken flavor for some of the salt; use half Velveeta, melted into the sauce, and half sharp cheddar, stirred in (or any combination of cheeses for desired flavor); some hot sauce to liven things up. 

I don’t have anything big enough to make more than 25 servings at a time, so I make batches as needed. The time I made 75 servings was for a high school football player dinner and I served it in a roaster oven. Worked great! It was scraped clean. 

Edit Forgot my other hack: undercook the macaroni by a couple of minutes and save 1 to 2 cups of pasta water per pound of macaroni. Add the water to the sauce.  Makes the sauce runny initially, but helps the end result be saucier and avoid over cooked Mac. 

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