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How much -- you know -- is in James Clavell's Shogun

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My son turns 16 in April, but he's the "going on 35 type." (Until we get into public, and then he becomes a shy 15 year old again.)

I'm not a prude and I know where grandkids will come from, but that said, I feel kind of funny giving my kid a highly ero#%c book.

I read Shogun in the 8th grade and don't remember it being that over-the-top. But I also have a funky memory.

My son has asked me to read it. And I remember it being awesome so I want to give it to him.

I thought I'd ask here first. (Please be gentle on me, and no, he doesn't have a smart phone.)



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A fair amount but it's usually not super explicitly spelled out. There is one scene though where someone is quite clearly getting his jollies while listening to someone else being boiled alive, but this is me looking at it as an adult. 

I would not have a problem with it but I would really think that it might be a good idea for you to at least skim that scene. I think that is the scene in the book most likely to be objectionable. 

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