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WTM Grammar Diagramming

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As my son and I move through the Grammar for the WTM, I find I have a number of questions. Some mommies said I should just go ahead and post my questions here because someone out there would be able to answer.

Am I correct in thinking that the direct object/predicate nominative/predicate adjective/object complement come after the verb/linking verb/ direct object when diagramming (behind the slanted line)?

So in other words, anything that comes after the slanted line is either a DO, Pr. Nom., Pr. Adj., or Obj. Comp.? We're only on week 8 so we haven't learned if there are other parts that could come after this line.


Thanks so much

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There should be a definition of the complete predicate in the book--that would be useful to look at. 

I tried to explain some of it verbally below but honestly, I am more visual when it comes to this stuff. This webpage might help if these descriptions are confusing (which they probably are):


The verb line runs vertically through the horizontal line of the diagram. On the right side of the verb line is the verb and all the words/phrases/clauses that modify the verb (or things that modify the  modifier of the verb).

If there is a direct object, a vertical line is drawn that ends at the horizontal line and the DO is written on the right side of that vertical line.  If there is a PrN or PrA, there is a slanted line instead and the PrN/PrA is written to the right of the slanted line. If there is an OC, there is a slanted line after the DO and the OC is written after that. 

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