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Beast Academy Practice Book

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We have been using Singapore Math for past 3 yrs and it’s going great.I got Beast academy beginning of the year and we just did couple of chapters and didn’t have time and recently finished 3A.I had purchased Guide and Practice book 3A and 3B.We are going to continue Singapore Math as Main curriculum planning to do Beast academy as supplement.We are going very slow and don’t do it regularly.

We finish most of the SM during summer break.We use SM textbook and workbook.Can I skip guide book for BA and just get practice book?.Will we miss out anything?.



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My son is also working through Beast Academy as a supplement, just on weekends. I would say that the guide books are essential. Beast Academy approaches math in a different way from most other programs, and the guides are where the big ideas are presented. There are reminders and tips in the practice books, but unless your child is a very strong math student who can think conceptually and outside of the box, I think it would be hard to make full sense of them. Also, the guide books are so much fun and a huge part of the appeal of Beast Academy. That said, if your child really is advanced in math then maybe it would be fine. Perhaps you could try having your child do a few lessons with the practice book only, not the guide, and see how it feels and how it goes?

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Thanks Lilajoy.She is advanced in math.Like you said I’m planning to get the practice books and see how it goes.

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The guide book is the best part of beast academy!

I also caution against skipping it. Beast isn't like Singapore. Sometimes they take a "long way around" approach to teaching the "why" of the concept they are teaching.

One day I gave DS an assignment from the practice book, and assumed he'd be able to do it without having to read the guide book. I couldn't even figure out what was supposed to be done for that activity without the guide book.

I didn't like the practice book. I was able to borrow it from our library before deciding to purchase it, and for that I'm grateful. My DS isn't a workbook type - he's more the oral type - and it was just a LOT of pages for him. What singapore does in about 4 pages, beast does in 20 pages. Of course, you may find it is perfect for what you want it for.

We ended up JUST buying the guide books and letting DS read them as he would any other comic book in his free time. He loves them and will read them just for fun.

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