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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Insomnia again so here I am. 

-laundry DONE: 2
-go with DH to pick out some new plants for front landscaping, and some plants to plant around the hot tub in the pool cage
-declutter:  go through garage storage area and figure out what to send to an offsite storage area, decide what furniture from the house should go there as well (this is where I miss having a basement)
-have DH go through the mountain of paperwork in the library and start a shred pile so the kids and I can start shredding once he leaves Monday
-watch Clemson football at noon
-declutter:  go through remaining few kitchen cabinets to cleanout and clean - I'M FINALLY DONE!!!
-project:  power wash front entry way/walkway
-find boxes to pack up all kitchen stuff being donated to Goodwill.  It is currently taking up just about all of my counter space
-make sure DS17 has what has right pants for baseball game Monday
-make sure DS14 finishes his school work from last week (so many exams and projects all at once, and so much going on at the house)

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Good morning!

I'm enjoying some peace and quiet this morning. Dd is sleeping and dh is off at pickle ball. This is the first time he's played in weeks - he hurt his shoulder diving after a ball (dove right into the wall?) and was out of commission. Now it's healed up enough that he can play again, plus swing a golf club, so he's happy.?

  • tidy up garage and move boxes containing lighting fixtures, kitchen sink, and new bathroom mirror so ds20 and his friends have room to work on their cars
  • remind dh to order a heater for the garage so they can work out there comfortably once winter sets in
  • clean hay steamer
  • tidy up main floor of house
  • make food for ds & friends
  • laundry
  • give horses third dose of dewormer
  • need to move all my medicines and sprays and assorted horse potions into the house so they don't freeze
  • work with the horses 
  • make dh some of his favorite banana/berry cookies
  • look through catalogs for Christmas ideas (my goal is to be done shopping by the end of November so I can be a lazy slug in December)
  • read & relax
  • dinner: Asian noodle salad
  • watch a little hockey tonight (another late starting game)
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Good morning! Since I was gone for most of the day yesterday- the house has exploded into piles of mail, dh's work, stuff that just never got put away, and my own contributions to the "set down and ignore" policy of Friday afternoons.

  • coffee/paper
  • put away 20 things
  • write
  • catch up with dd2- make her breakfast and discuss all the fun things: recruiting, homework, SAT prep
  • watch some football/maybe take a nap
  • dh to concert tonight
  • quiet night with kids

Have a great day!

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Put all the FAFSA stuff away (tax information, papers with important information etc., printed out form and filed it).

Put away stuff that I didn't need for the enhanced license but kept out the rest.  I am still going to try and get it next week if I can get legal proof of my "new" name (after 25 years of marriage).

took out garbage.

took a peek at camp contracts that were sent to me but I just can't do the camp stuff right now.  They will have to wait their turn. 


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