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Hortative Verbs. Lesson 109 GWTM

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I'll be honest--I don't think we covered these at all when I was in school. I understand the basics of this--what verb forms are used, etc. But in the exercises they are supposed to identify if "the person or think being exhorted is present in the sentence" and "identify it as a S for subject or an O for object."  The only thing that made sense for me with this was to think about how I would diagram it and go from there. I want to understand it better so I can explain it to my kids.  

I tried Google and it's not helping. Could someone point me to a good online resource for this with examples? I figure I must be missing some grammar treasure trove. Most of what I am finding pertains to translating from another language to English and doesn't deal with this (object/subject) issue or diagramming. 

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