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Help for stuttering while reading

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My son was diagnosed with some speech disfluency by a speech pathologist about 1 1/2 years ago.   We weren't able to get him into the school's speech therapy program for a year after the diagnosis.  When that time came I decided to decline it because it didn't seem like his problem was very noticable and I was more concerned about making this already quiet boy self-conscious about his speech when it really didn't seem like that noticable of a problem.

However, lately I've really noticed a ton of stuttering when he reads aloud to me.  Maybe it was always there and I just overlooked it, but now that I've noticed it I'm seeing that it's really bad.  Are there any tips for ways I can quietly help him at home?  He's 9 and he reads really well for his age and above grade level.  Again, I don't want him to be self-conscious about it and making a big deal of going to speech therapy seems like it would just make it...well...a bigger deal.  But do you think I should just enroll him in it?   Or is there stuff I can do at home with him?

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Most of my kids have had or currently have speech therapy; I don't think they see it as a big deal.

Do you teach growth mindset? There is always stuff we can get better at and a chance to work and improve is an opportunity to be embraced. Doesn't come naturally to my bunch of anxious perfectionists but hey, nobody has to remain anxious and perfectionist-- we're working on that too.

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