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My 9 yo was just diagnosed with dyslexia-- now what?

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Go to the Learning Challenges board here.  Lots of Mamas with experience to help.

My friend went to a Lindamood Bell center for testing.  The recommending program was too $$$ for her, but it gave her a really complete picture of the challenges her child was facing.  The actual evaluation was more affordable--there may have been a special going on.  She then decided on the Logic of English program to do with her child.

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We had a lot of discussion about Barton and dyslexia 1-2 years ago over in Learning Challenges—discussing Barton specifically compared to other Orton-Gillingham method based programs.

IME, with true phonological dyslexia (there’s some discussion about overlap with visual processing and auditory sequencing issues)....but with the “true” stuff some of the Orton-Gillingham based programs like All About Spelling aren’t explicit and repetitious enough.

There is a huge market for resale on Barton, so be sure to read and understand the tips on buying extra tiles so that you can max your resale value while maintaining use ability in higher levels.

—Sorry for my fat fingered typing, I am on my phone.

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I knew 2 men who had Dyslexia. One was an Electronic Engineer working with me on Avionics for a Civil Turbojet aircraft. The other was a Writer (they are all called Editors now) for a computer magazine.  I am glad that your DS was diagnosed. Now, he can get help...

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