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Trouble pulling up my old topic


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I started a thread on the High School board, I believe, in late September. The title was "Workload reality check needed, please." Today I was trying to go back to re-read answers but had great difficulty finding the post. When I look through my own notifications I can see that people responded, but I'm unable to reach the thread. Instead, a notice appears saying "You do not have permission to view this content." It lists error code 2F173/K.

Is there anyway I can view the thread again? I'll be very grateful for help.

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Hi Innisfree, 

I'm sorry to say that the topic thread looks like it is well and truly gone. No searching through even the admin side of the site turns anything up. Can you share the link you clicked on when your received the error message you mentioned? We may be able to have our hosting company retrieve it based on that, but I don't want to get your hopes up!

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Thanks for trying, Melissa, whatever happens.

The link I just posted is the error message itself. I'm not sure if I can link my notification list, but I'll try. That was where I found proof the post had actually existed. :wink:

Third notification from the top on this page:

(Sent link by pm)

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