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IB and AP question...

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Our local high school offers an IB diploma.  Does anyone know much about it?  I've heard that some kids take AP exams at the appropriate time while earning their IB diploma, just to boost their credentials for college admissions.  Is that really necessary anymore?  I'm also already wondering if my daughter should self-study for AP exams, or go the IB diploma route through our local high school...  Any thoughts or experiences with this?

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I have a niece who did an IB program. It was high stress. They vary in offerings. Best to talk to kids who are in it and who graduated from it. Some do both the AP tests and IB, but some just stick to IB  (like my niece). It saved her a semester or more of college credits (gen eds) at her chosen state college.

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My older kids just graduated with the IB diploma this past year. I think every school's program is a bit different, but at our school, being in IB means taking 8 or 9 AP courses as well as all the IB requirements. So they did graduate with about 60 credits. (Their college accepts a max of 45)

I agree with RootAnn that it's a good idea to talk to people familiar with the specific school. 

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