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Oak Meadow The Hero's Journey for 10th grade?

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I purchased The Hero's Journey for 9th grade. Then we had an opportunity to take a coop based LA course this semester, and I think finishing Windows to the World, which we started this summer, would be good for us for 2nd semester.

Would saving The Hero's Journey for 10th grade be a poor choice? I could plug what we can into 2nd semester instead of completing Windows to the World. 


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I can't see why that would be a poor choice. We are using OM Lit &Comp 2 this year for 10th grade. It feels lighter than Hero's Journey (it is written to follow HJ, but it almost feels like it should be the other way around...). I don't know if my perception is skewed because we attempted to use HJ in 8th, but the workload in HJ was way too much for her at the time. I was disappointed because overall I loved the book choices and the assignments. I would have no problem at all using it with a 10th grader. 

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