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If you're so inclined... prayers/good thoughts for DS -- UPDATE

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DS is taking invitations to his 8th birthday party to pass out at baseball practice tonight. It's his first season, and he's has some trouble breaking into the existing social group. I am so hoping that at least a couple of them will show up!

We are inviting a few other family friends, so he won't be completely devoid of guests. But those aren't *his* friends for the most part, and he so wants to fit in with this group.

If you're willing, please keep your fingers crossed for him!

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The party is scheduled for Saturday, and so far we have 7 kids coming, including 4 from the baseball team! We still haven't gotten RSVPs from everybody (and expect we won't hear from some) but even if this is it, I'm happy. That's about 1/3 of the team. Thanks to everyone who said a little prayer for ds!!

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