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vent - feel free to ignore. . .


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my brother is into some "out there" things.   I just returned (very late last night) from 2dd's in texas.   he proceeded to disparage texas.  (at least when dh does it, it's due to lack of mountains)

"they don't allow alternative medicine.  (I use alternative providers.  naturopaths and chiropractors are too mainstream for him.)  they're in the pockets of big pharma"  (BIG HUGE EYEROLL.  SAVE ME PLEASE)  I point out most states don't allow alternative medicine "that's all because of big pharma - they're evil". change subject.. .

I tell him we did the lockheed tour on the f35 production line,  "oh, they offered me a job when I left the AF, I didn't want to support killing people" (deep breath).  couldn't even get to --- it was very cool, son enjoyed the composite area (1ds is an aerospace engineer. one of his colleagues on a project is specializing in composites and wished he could go too.)

on to his "processed food companies are evil" (companies like hydrogenated oil and canola oil because they don't get rancid, but they're really bad for you"   . . change subject.  

I kept trying to change the subject.  he's applying for other jobs - I thought he'd like to talk about that.  nope. . . . . I finally just said "I have to go" and hung up.

ds came in on his way out - and I asked for a hug.  "oh, I wondered what was going on when I saw his name on the caller ID.". . . .. . he then added "I remember when (my sister) was the weird one."

and to think - I got a scathing email from him a few weeks ago about how he is demeaned by me because I shut him down and won't let him talk . . . . . thunk  thunk thunk thunk thunk!

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