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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!

I'm a little mind-boggled that my oldest kid is turning 20 today.:huh: Can we slow down time please, because it seems like he should only be like 10 or so...:tongue:

We were going to run up to school and take him out to dinner, but he decided he would rather come home - so after his last class this afternoon, he'll head home for presents, pizza, and cupcakes.

There have been several roofing contractors coming over to look at our roof, and I'm really hoping none of them show up today when dh isn't here. Anti-social me does not feel like having to go out and chat. One of them who was here yesterday said he is going to send a drone over our roof. Note to self: Remember to steer clear of windows when changing clothes, etc.?

  • school w/dd
  • office work (ugh, a huge pile of stuff)
  • dust & vacuum main floor & clean a couple bathrooms
  • catch up on laundry
  • put away clean towels
  • wrap presents
  • dinner: pizza
  • watch hockey tonight (want to catch some of the Dallas Stars game because we know their new coach from when he coached junior hockey here a few years back)
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4 minutes ago, myblessings4 said:


Selkie, are your big kids eaten vegan at school?  How is that working out?

No, it would be very difficult to eat vegan there unless they were cooking all their meals in their tiny little dorm room - which believe me, would never happen with those two! Lol.

They're both pretty health conscious and are finding plenty of healthy food to eat in the cafeterias, so it's working out fine.

I don't know what we'll do when my dd goes to school in a couple years, though, because she's the one who is very set in her vegan ways. ?

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Good morning! Cold and gloomy here, it is so strange for us to have even two days of this, much less four. My back was fine when I got up, now it is bad again. I am blaming the cold- because I actually have been exercising. So frustrating, hips/back, hands hurt in the cold. I have a busy day here-

  • coffee/paper
  • ds3 to school
  • try to write a little
  • dd2 sports physical
  • bank
  • grocery store
  • jen things
  • ds3 team dinner (also last practice)
  • dinner for the rest of us

Have a great day!

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Get DS13 to his three hour long proctored exam at a state university’ testing service center. (Done ? )

Hangout at state university library to study for my US citizenship test (100 civics questions) tomorrow and nag DS12 to finish his Chemistry quizzes for this week.

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Horse chores are done. Boy, is it muggy and buggy today. Can't wait for the cold temps that are headed our way.

Dd's horse is on a new medication that comes in tablet form. It is very unpalatable and the tablets cannot be broken or ground up, so we've had to be creative in coming up with ways to get it down the hatch. If he even so much as smells the pill, he won't eat whatever we're giving him. I'm getting good at hollowing out chunks of apple and carrot, putting the pill in, and then plugging it back up. So far, so good.

One load of laundry is done, dishwasher is running. As soon as I get the kitchen counters cleaned off, it is present wrapping time.

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  • Got up early to wake up kid so she could do her homework.  Homework was more involved than she thought, so she missed the bus and I then got to drive her to school.  I may have cussed about certain people's time management issues.
  • Took out some stinky garbage, cleaned the kitchen, put away some clean clothes.
  • Caught up on social media bla bla bla.
  • Did a wee bit of work and a wee bit of exercise.

To do:

  • Several work reports.
  • AHG newsletter.
  • Some more exercise.
  • Bills already.
  • Get some things ready for kid's birthday tomorrow.
  • Kids' work.
  • Kids to volleyball games, need to leave about 5:30ish.  Probably done around 8:30.
  • More kids' work?
  • Take out the garbage.
  • Set up for birthday or get it ready for morning setup.
  • Whatever I'm forgetting.
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Drove into the Big City and then discovered that I had left my purse at home - along with my driver's license etc.  Had a great doctor's appt.  I love this doctor.  He's so good.  I think we have a plan. 

Dd treated us to lunch though I will pay her back now that I am reunited with my money. 

Stopped by grocery store and then discovered yet again that I was without my purse.  (Duh!)  Drove home.  Dropped dd off to continue working on her schoolwork.  Went back to grocery store and got chicken soup fixin's. 

Juliet is playing the "I will ring the doggie doorbell and you have to treat me" game. 

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Good afternoon!  Jean, I hope your doctor has some answers and you are feeling better.  Selkie, happy birthday to your son!

I subbed again today.  Things went better at home today with DS14 managing his schoolwork on his own.  Still to do:

-workout (I highly doubt this is happening)
-laundry (at least one load)
-dinner (Egg Roll in a Bowl)
-make sure DS14 has all his stuff laid out for tomorrow (he is taking the PSAT at DS17's school)

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36 minutes ago, Pink and Green Mom said:

Good afternoon!  Jean, I hope your doctor has some answers and you are feeling better. 

Thanks, P & G.  This doc is the one who specializes in my chronic problems so nothing I haven't been dealing with for years and years.  But he gives me a bit more hope than "It sucks to be you but keep on keeping on" (which is what I basically get from other doctors but in doctor speak.) 

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Spent 90 minutes in the kitchen, cleaning up dinner, prepping food for tomorrow, putting away veggies etc.

Visited with a neighbor who was walking his dog. Lovely and cool here tonight. Rain is coming and bringing proper fall weather behind it. 

Checked Dd's math.

Got milk jars ready to go. 

Played with silly dog. 

Next up: Read a book

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