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20 people killed in limo crash in rural area west of Albany, NY


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15 minutes ago, Medicmom2.0 said:

My sister lives very near there and had actually driven that intersection 15 minutes before it happened.

She said it’s a terrible intersection that has been investigated for safety in the past by the state.

I can’t imagine the horror.

This picture so typifies autumn in rural NY (probably autumn in most of the NE/Midwest) and it is heartbreaking to think so many people lost their lives right there and how terrified they must have been. :'-(

It is a picture of the cafe, nothing from accident is pictured.



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New York Post and the Daily Mail (UK paper) are both reporting it was a limo filled with sisters, their DHs and other friends going to a birthday for the youngest sister. 

4 sisters plus their DHs plus friends. 

I haven't seen anything about the people in the parking lot.


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Also thinking about the issue of seatbelts not being required in limos.  Or school buses.  Humans become projectiles without seatbelts. ?  I've been in a limo a few times.  It would never have occurred to me to put on a seatbelt even if there had been one.

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My sister and her family knew several of those killed in the limo; they were all dead by the time the EMTs got the limo door open, except for 2 who died on the way to the hospital.  The combined funeral for 7 of them is Friday.  This is unspeakably awful; I'm sick to my stomach every time I see the news headlines.

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On 10/9/2018 at 6:15 AM, unsinkable said:

More info coming out, like the limo failed inspection, the driver didn't have the proper cert on his license and the owner of the limo company was an FBI informant.

That practically guarantees this will get dropped pretty quickly.

the owner is currently in pakistan  (we'll see how any extradition treaty goes) - and his son has been arrested in relation to this.

oh - and the owner is wanted (somewhere) for murder.

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