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What kind of a doctor for this issue?

Janie Grace

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We have a medical-sharing plan and so I am trying to be as careful as possible about medical bills. I've been putting something off for a while that I think really needs to be addressed. Back in May, I had a pedicure. The guy who did it cut me (or something) on the outer side of my big toe. It almost felt like there was a splinter in there or something... like it wasn't just a cut/nick but there was some tiny bit of foreign matter in there. But I was crazy busy getting the family ready for an out-of-state wedding so just put some Neosporin on it and ignored it. 

Fast forward to now. There's still a round lump in the spot where it happened. It is tender and the tenderness has spread into my toe itself. The toe is slightly swollen. No redness just uncomfortable, especially after I exercise. It seems like I should get it looked at. 

Who do I see? A podiatrist? Primary care? Orthopedist?

Any ideas about what the heck this could be? 

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