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What would you use for a one-year review of elementary math?

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I have a 6th grader who finds some aspects of math very difficult; namely, long division. As a result, we’ve gotten bogged down and have fallen behind. I would like to get him ready for prealgebra next year if possible because he finds the algebraic concepts we’ve already studied much easier to understand. He is very math intuitive with great mental math skills but struggles with multi step algorithms. I want to take a break from those now and press forward with other concepts so that we don’t lose more ground. 

What can I use for a one-year review of elementary math? We used CLE for three years until we got bogged down and then tried Beast, Math Lessons for a Living Education and Math-u-see. This child also likely has dysgraphia so I prefer workbook options when available. 

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I was going to suggest Margaret Lial's Basic College Math; however, it is a textbook.  You can pick up an older edition for under ten dollars.

You might request a copy through inter-library loan to see if it would work for your son.

My husband often uses this with his tutoring students before going on to Lial's Prealgebra.


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I wouldn’t take a year off to teach a child with dysgraphia long division. (I say this as a parent of a kid with dysgraphia.)

Let a calculator do the work. 

If he can do operations with decimals, percents, fractions (including mixed numbers with all of those), then keep trucking ahead.

If you see a number of gaps beyond just long division, then the Lial book mentioned above is a good one.

ETA: Or, honestly, do a placement test for CLE and go back to it. It really is a solid worktext series.

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7 hours ago, ghcostafamily said:

Kate snow just said in a pod cast that she recommends rod and staff math 6 for remediation/review or Activites for he AL abacus.


id suggest going to education unboxed and going through her division videos and going from there. Or anything from Ronit Bird.

I wanted to suggest http://www.educationunboxed.com/, too, but couldn't for the life of me think of the name of it.


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I'll suggest something a little different.  If he does mainly just need review, what about something like AGS Consumer Math?  It takes pretty much all of the arithmetic from K-6 and applies it to real world situations he'll eventually run into. We're using it this year for my older daughter and I *love* it. Some of the lessons have a lot of problems and she struggles with speed and working memory, so I'll have her do the first 5 by hand to keep her skills fresh and the rest with a calculator.  The downside is that it's a little expensive if you buy it new.  Amazon has used copies, though.  You'll want both the textbook and the workbook.  The answer key is super expensive, so to correct his work I'd just use a calculator or get the Photomath app for your phone.

Another review option I like is Mastering Essential Math Skills.  It's simple, straightforward, and gets the job done.  The author has teaching videos to go along with each lesson.

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Or for purely review, and not new material, he could use something like Prodigy Math. More fun, only need to write to work out what can’t be done on screen, has a built in placement test, and it will give a variety of problems or you can create assignments to focus on what you want.

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