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Suggestions for enrichment

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We have math and language arts figured out. Looking for an enrichment for us to do as a family 10, 7, and 4. That isn’t history based or seasonally based. Fewer additional books to hunt down the better. Preferable a survey of lots of subjects and topics to help them find something that interest them. When something strikes their interest they don’t need any help digging deep, the problem is exposing them to things. They lack the initiative for explore new topics. 

Was contemplating using the core knowledge what your __ grader needs to know books. But I can’t figure out how to schedule it. The usual method of take the number of pages and divide doesn’t seem very applicable. 

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If the numbers you listed are ages, not grades, you could get each of the Hirsch books that apply to each child, then alternate in each book, using a lot of sticky notes to keep your places. So for a while, read the literature selections from the kindergarten book, history from the second grade book, science from the fifth grade book, and so on. Just read as much as holds the kids' attention. When you finish one section in one book, swap, but keep some balance so you've both got lots of ideas going and something aimed directly at each child every day. Another option using the Hirsch books would be to choose a text in between the older two, read from it daily, and add in related picture books to help include the youngest and give additional perspective for the older children. I wouldn't sweat to much about scheduling however you do it, but that's just me. Some people do better with them, I know.

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The World of Science from:

Scouting books have lots of ideas, that spark interest in hobbies. Hobbies can lead to careers. Keepers of the Faith have nice printable PDF files, that are pretty cheap.

Samples of the scouting books are on Archive.

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My kids are older than yours, but we sometimes wander through the library and look at the books the librarians had set out and often find great books/topics/rabbit trails that we would never have discovered otherwise. Picture books, boith fiction and non-fiction

We use my kids' ASK magazine topics to jump start exploration.

For science, we often see what the Zoo, Science Center, or Nature Center have on their monthly calendar and find library books to supplement. Same for PBS tv shows like Nature.

We have enjoyed the Beautiful Feet geography unit which uses the Holling C. Holling picture books.

We have also found topics to explore from our RA or literature books. Ds just finished The Pushcart War and did a bit of picture book reading on NYC. Dd is reading Little Women and has recently read a good children's biography of Lousia May Alcott.

We keep our eyes open for what is on at the symphony, art museum and other local arts performances/exhibits. These are great for sparking interest. We are going to see some of my kids' friends perform in Newsies later this month, so I've added a couple of relevent books to our library reserve list.




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