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Prayer request for dh, kids and his aunt.

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My husband's cousin, Jim, passed way this afternoon after a long battle with cancer. He was 60. How fitting that he chose Valentine's day to give up the fight. Not only did he protest to be unsentimental (which was an out and out lie;)), Valentine was his father's middle name.


While it pained us that Jim turned his back on his Christian faith, trying out every New Age trend that came along, he has always been good to our family. He took great joy in teaching things to my boys and he delighted in playing hide and seek with my daughter. This past summer, he bugged us to death to come out to the shooting range. We finally agreed to get him off our back. Not only was he a fantastic instructor, it was a great bonding experience for our family (and I HATE guns!) As a funny aside, he predicted that I would be a good shot. I vehemently disagreed since I can't even play pacman and couldn't hit the side of a barn with a baseball. Well, wouldn't you know, he was right. I hit 10 out 24 clay pidgeons, compared to dh's 4 out of 24.


His mother, Mary, is really struggling with this. She buried her husband a couple years ago and now she has to bury her son. Jim moved in with his mother last year to be there for her since she her health has gone downhill. I am afraid that, with him gone, she has lost the will to live and will not be with us much longer. She has been like a mother to our family. When dh's mother died while he was in college, Mary was there for his family. She was the only person who validated my parenting when all I received was from my own family was criticism.


Sorry this was so long. These people mean a lot to my family.



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