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homeschool high school info/helps pinned at top of high school & college boards!

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Homeschool High School Math pinned thread (courtesy of quark)
Homeschool High School Science pinned threads (courtesy of Dicentra): Biology, Chemistry, Physics

And now both big/multi-topic pinned threads at the top of the high school board are fully updated and reorganized! Happy researching through the wisdom of the Hive! Warmest regards, Lori D.

High School motherlode #1 (Getting Started with High School / Tests)

page 1 topics:
High School Time Table (what to do/when for each year of high school)
Preparing for High School
Addressing Fears
Getting Started
Books & Resources
Making a High School Plan
Time Management
High School on a Budget
Expectations/Attitudes (accelerated, average, behind, non-college bound)
Accreditation / Cover Schools
State Requirements

page 2 topics:
tests -- info and comparisons on:
PSAT  (National Merit Scholarship qualifying test)
ACT / SAT  (frequent college entrance requirement)
SAT Subject  (also called SAT II)
AP  (Advanced Placement courses & tests)
CLEP  (college credit by exam)
GED  (high school diploma equivalency test)
ASVAB  (military entrance exam)
Compass/Accuplacer  (college placement test)


High School motherlode #2 (Transcripts, Record Keeping / Outsourcing, Online, Dual Enrollment)

page 1 topics:
Transcripts / Record Keeping
Grading / GPA
Honors Courses
Record Keeping / Course Descriptions / Letter of Recommendation / Volunteering
Graduation topics / Diplomas

page 5 topics:
General Threads on High School Subjects (Writing, Math, Science, Electives)
Home-Grown Courses / MOOC Courses
Extracurricular Activities
Online Classes
Dual Enrollment

Going to College motherlode -- plus links to non-college bound topics

page 1 topics:
College Search Process
College Visits

page 2 topics:
College Applications
Common App

page 3 topics:
Honors Programs / Phi Theta Kappa
Internships / REUs

page 4 topics
Heading to College
At College
Study Abroad

page 5 topics
Financial Aid

page 6 topics
Alternatives to 4-Year College
Gap Year
Career Exploration

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