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Books for 11th birthday


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Today is the day I have to commit to the amazon cart. Dd will be 11 and I am looking for book ideas on fun fiction that she might enjoy owning vs. library book. 

So far the cart has

Calpurnia, I can’t remember exact title but the first book

Wrinkle in Time

Ive been considering 

Emily of New Moon set (already loved first few Anne novels)

One and only Amelia May (I haven’t read it)

Ella Enchanted (I haven’t read it)

Her favorite books at the moment are Harry Potter series, Wonder (and sequels), Because of Mr Terupt (and sequels), Where the Mountain meets the moon series.

Thank you.

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My child about that age is reading the Wings of Fire series, The Mysterious Benedict Society, and Percy Jackson currently, and enjoying all of them.  Ella Enchanted was fun; the book is much better than the movie.  That's also a good age for Little Women. 

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I'll second or third The Penderwicks. My dds also enjoyed The Sisters Grimm series. And I'll second The Mysterious Benedict Society too. My reader likes all of the Rick Riordan series, and my not-so-much of a reader at least enjoyed The Lightning Thief series. I thought Riordan's Kane Chronicles (the ones with Egyptian Gods) was good too and not such a commitment being only 3 books. 

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I appreciate the suggestions. I haven’t heard of Penderwicks, so I’m looking forward to the first one myself. I decided to wait on buying its sequels until I see what she thinks of the first one.

She’s not the fan of Rick Rourdan that the rest of our house is, maybe in time.

Some of you have reminded me of books that we already own from older sibling that perhaps can be moved to a more central bookshelf.


so many books, not enough time...

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I 4th, 5th, or 6th, or whatever for The Penderwicks series :-).  My boys just turned 13 and I was trying to figure out our next read aloud.  They read so many books on their own, but they still love a snuggle with a read aloud.  Anyway, I needed to pick something quickly and I had hear about this series on the WTM board.  We all really enjoyed it.  There was a little eye rolling at some of the girly stuff (having to do with girl/boy relationships -- LOL), but it was a really fun series to read.


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The War That Saved My Life and The War I Finally Won

The Green Glass Sea

Definitely The Penderwicks!  They're wonderful!

Eragon series

Flora and Ulysses

Homecoming and Dicey's Song

From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenweiler

The Giver series

Narnia series

Cheaper By the Dozen

Bridge to Terabithia and Jacob Have I Loved

Half Magic; Seven Day Magic

Ginger Pye; Pinkie Pye

books by E. Nesbit

The Dark Is Rising series

A Mango Shaped Space

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