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Jean in Newcastle

Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

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Good morning.

-DS17 off to his travel baseball game doubleheader (tournament is local)
-laundry  DONE:  0
-preread 4 chapter of Iliad for school next week
-pick up library books on hold for DS13's paper
-watch Clemson football
-head over to DS17's game at 1
-more college football after baseball game

-dinner (no idea at this point)
-more college football

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Good morning!

It's a beautiful, frosty morning here.

  • morning chores
  • finish up last couple loads of laundry 
  • help boys pack everything they're taking up to school
  • boys have to run to the DMV and stop at pharmacy for their meningitis & flu shots
  • dh, dd, and I will meet them at their dorm and help them get moved in
  • make a trip to Walmart to pick up all the odds and ends they need
  • maybe go out to eat while we're up there
  • I *think* ds18 is planning to come back home with us for the rest of the weekend, but ds19 will stay at school
  • evening chores
  • watch a movie with dh and whatever kids are home tonight
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Good Morning

Last night at I was getting ready to go to sleep I told myself I was going to get up early and work all day on this junky house.  Yeah that hasn't happened.  Slept in and have been lazy so far.  Maybe I will get my mojo going soon.

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Howdy Saturday!

Last night I was so done, I went to bed early.  I told the kids goodnight long before they were ready for bed.  Needless to say, they had a pajama party deep into the night.  Sigh.  Dumb kids, you have no idea how you'll long to go to bed early someday.

Got up around 7:30 and started nudging the kids to get ready.  For the first time in her life, Kid 2 was eager to leave before Kid 1 and I were ready.  Good though - usually she makes Kid 1 late for her Saturday class.

Realized I had not washed Kid 1's only leotard (hand wash, hang dry) which she needed today.  Did a quick wash and put it in the dryer anyway.  Also hand washed & dried the dolly who had been hanging to dry in the bathroom since yesterday's mishap with the toilet.  She was not drying properly and I didn't want her to mildew.

Kid 2 to the horse barn, where she will be until 7pm.  She had her morning lesson, then a pony wedding (for real, with an actual wedding dress), then an open house, then she's volunteering to help some boy scouts get their horsemanship badge.

Kid 1 to a track for a bit of practice running.  (Even I ran a little.)

Kid 1 to math tutor - last time!  (I worked in the car.)

Kid 1 to gymnastics.  (I worked in the car.)

Met with gymnastics teacher, who suggested more serious options for Kid 1.  I think I got talked into moving her to a more advanced Tuesday class.  Kid promises to skip Youth Group on Tuesdays if she has too much homework to do both activities in one night.  This will also free up Saturday midday for TKD black belt level classes.  Next year she could join the high school class or go to a sort of junior team class farther away - but I will decide that later.

Quick grocery run for the pot luck pony wedding.

Pony wedding.  I was late - got there just for the recessional.  I managed to snap a few pics.  This is important as their teacher at school has demanded photos to show the class.  ?

Home to work.  Supposed to be cranking right now.

Working on some scout stuff & the kids' transportation for next week.

Kid 1 is supposed to be doing homework and trumpet practice in between chillaxing.

Social media and stuff like that.

Later we might go out to dinner.

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I drove 3 hours or so. Starbucks saved me from falling asleep while driving. We had an excellent meeting. My problem person missed half the meeting. And was on pretty good behavior. We got lots of stuff discussed- or really explained to me because I am new to this part of camp prep.  

 I have to set another meeting for next month with different people. 

 We are 3/4 of the way home. We stopped at Chick fil A for dinner. Dd came with me and helped babysit. 

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