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Lively Latin Scheduling Frustration

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I've really wanted to like Lively Latin but it feels very disorganized to me.  Does someone have a predictable schedule they have developed for it- something like "Learn new vocabulary Monday", "Introduce Lesson Tuesday", "Complete exercises Wednesday "...  The instructions in the book are just "go through in order".  And moving the pages from the big stack into a binder as you go along seems nutty to me.  There are other odd things.  Sometimes the exercises are before the lessons and I don't feel like the vocabulary is introduced at regular intervals.  This program just doesn't jive with my linear thinking.  Should I just switch to Memoria Press?  Their materials are very predictable, but slightly boring.  I've already purchased the Big Book though.  I already have the Latina Christiana teaching DVDs and Teacher's Manual, but it is the third edition and the only student books I can find are the fourth edition, which I understand is much different.  Please help!  I really want to get Latin done with my kids this year!  I don't want to spend a lot more money, though, on new materials.  I've spent too much already for this year. 

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I understand exactly what you mean.  We're almost finished with Book 1.  I don't use a patterned schedule.  Rather, we take it as it comes; and I move the pages from my stack to the binder as we go along.  The method bugged me slightly at first, but after a while it wasn't a concern.  Latin is not a core subject for us.  When there are busy days, I'm okay with letting Latin slip.   I pick it up again when we're ready, and I don't feel guilty for not keeping up with schedule pattern.  My kids don't seem phased by the lack of a schedule pattern.  

I stopped doing the history portions of LL.  After a while, the details got a bit tedious - my kids' eyes would glaze over.  

I'm satisfied enough with Book 1 that we will do Book 2. 

I haven't looked at the Memoria Press Latin materials.  One of my kids used Latin for Children in traditional school.  It had a regular schedule.  He liked it. 

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I use BBoLL as an  "open and go" curriculum. When it is time for Latin, dd just pulls the next double-sided page from the front of her binder and does it. I did put all the vocabulary on Anki, though, because the paper cards were driving me bonkers. If I want to know how long until the next chapter I just count the pages. 

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We just worked through it one page at a time until we either ran out of time schedule for Latin, or DS ran out of interest (which depended on how tight our schedule was for the day). I put the vocabulary on Quizlet as well as index cards so he had options. We never worried about what that pace ended up looking like, because the plan has always been for that to be a year-round activity, with BB2 starting as soon as BB1 was finished. Foreign languages and math are two things that both benefit from continuing over the summer.

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